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What is the Typical Cost of Getting Braces?

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It is difficult to determine what the typical cost of getting braces is. Estimates suggest that the cost of getting braces ranges from $3,000-$10,000. However, it is unclear which expenses this accounts for. Treatment with braces is highly personalized. Even treatment for two different patients from the same orthodontist could cost a different amount. Here are some factors that can impact the amount that you can expect to pay for braces.

Type of Braces

There are different types of braces that can be used. Each type varies in cost. This includes metal, ceramic, lingual, and clear aligner trays. In most cases, traditional metal braces are the least expensive and lingual braces are the most expensive. However, this can vary based on the person in each case. The best way to determine what each type of braces cost is to ask your orthodontist after they evaluate your teeth.

Amount of Time

The longer the duration of treatment, the more expensive it will be. Every orthodontist appointment comes at a cost, as well as the wires and wax used. If you are wearing braces for four years, this will cost you a lot more money than if you were wearing braces for only one year. Although some types of braces may seem more expensive, if they offer you a shorter treatment duration, it could be less expensive in the long run.


Your age can impact the cost of braces. Generally, it is more expensive to provide orthodontic treatment to adults than children. With kids, everything is still developing and much more malleable. This is not the case with adults. If you recently underwent the process of getting braces for one of your children, it may surprise you that there is a price difference to get braces for yourself.


There can be quite a difference in price based on location. In some cities, orthodontic treatment is simply more expensive than in other places. Some patients opt to work with an orthodontist just outside of their city to receive somewhat of a discount based on the location of the practice. This doesn’t always work, however, and you may end up sacrificing experience and the quality of care by doing this.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance coverage can dramatically reduce the cost of getting braces. While not all dental insurance plans offer orthodontic coverage, the plans that do offer its members savings through negotiated prices and discounts. If you suspect that you or a family member may need orthodontic treatment in the future, it might make sense to look around for an applicable dental insurance plan.

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