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What Is the Best Age to Get Braces?

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Everyone has a general idea of what age is best to get braces. Some say teens or pre-teens while others believe it is best to start in early adolescence. This is likely because it is so common to see young ones wearing the shiny brackets on their teeth. Though, while there is an ideal time for getting braces, it is important to remember that just about any time is a good time for braces - both young and old. 

So, what do the experts say is the best age to get braces? 

An Ideal Age for Braces

Early adolescents (think pre-teen/ early teen) are the most ideal candidates for braces. This runs primarily ages 10 to 14. By the time kids reach this age, they have all (if not, almost) of their adult teeth. Plus, because they are still young and their mouth is still transforming on its own, the tissue of their jawbone is softer. The result? Teeth that are much more responsive when it comes to repositioning them for alignment.

If you are looking for an exact age for your child, it comes down to their treatment needs and whether or not they have all - or almost all - of their adult teeth. In fact, getting braces within the window of having adult teeth, but no second molars yet, is fantastic. 

Keep in mind, this is just an ideal age. Many kids don’t get braces until they are well into their teens. And many, many adults get braces that yield very successful results!

How Your Orthodontist Can Help

Your dentist will likely recommend you or your child see an orthodontist. While they are both experts at dental work, they approach it from very different specialized perspectives. An orthodontist consultation can help you determine whether or not services are needed. 

It is not uncommon for children as young as 7 years of age (or younger) to be referred to an orthodontist for a consultation. It doesn’t mean that the child will need braces, but the orthodontist can review the child's current growth and gain insight as to what the future may look like. Steps can be put into place for what is called two-phase care. This allows issues to be caught early on - and then for braces later at the early adolescence age. 

Early orthodontic treatment may include wearing a retainer, a palatal expander (which creates more room in the child’s mouth), or even briefly wearing braces. All of this early treatment can help the second phase - braces - to be quick and easy. 

Learn More About the Right Time to Get Braces at Greater Hartford Orthodontics

Getting braces can happen at any time during one’s life. But, optimally, choosing braces at an early age can have a positive impact on one’s life. That doesn’t mean adults cannot benefit greatly, too. 

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