What Foods and Drinks Will Stain Your Clear Braces?

What Foods and Drinks Will Stain Your Clear Braces?

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Dental misalignments can cause a range of oral health issues if a patient doesn’t receive treatment. They can also have a negative impact on a patient’s smile and appearance.

By correcting a misalignment, braces can improve a patient’s smile. However, during the time they’re wearing braces, some patients are less-than-happy with the short-term impacts metal and wire braces have on their looks.

Options may be available to patients who need orthodontic treatment but wish to minimize the way braces affect their smiles during treatment. One such option is clear braces. They may have a limited effect on a patient’s appearance if a patient avoids the types of foods that may stain them.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces blend into teeth more naturally than traditional metal braces. The color of the brackets in clear braces matches the color of a patient’s natural teeth, making the brackets less noticeable. While Invisalign aligners are even less visible, clear braces may be a reasonably discreet option available to a patient who isn’t a good candidate for Invisalign treatment.

When undergoing any form of orthodontic treatment, a patient should carefully follow any and all instructions their dentist provides them with. Clear braces are no exception.

For instance, certain foods can stain clear braces, essentially defeating the purpose of choosing them over traditional metal braces. Foods an orthodontist might suggest a patient should avoid with clear braces include:


The juices of berries and dark fruits can stain clear braces. Minimize your consumption of these during treatment to guard against unwanted staining.

Coffee & Tea

Many of the foods and beverages that can stain clear braces are also the types of foods and beverages that can stain a person’s natural teeth. For example, coffee and tea may stain the ceramic brackets of clear braces.


Limiting consumption of soda is wise for several reasons. The sugar in soda can promote dental decay and gum disease, harming a patient’s oral health.

Additionally, colas and other dark-colored sodas may stain clear braces. Again, so can certain juices, as well as coffee and tea. It’s thus smart for patients to attempt to drink water, seltzer, and other such beverages during treatment.

Red Wine

Red wine is another beverage that can stain clear braces the same way it can stain teeth.

Artificial Colorings

If a food contains an artificial coloring, the dye may stain clear braces. Check the ingredients labels of any food items you’re thinking about purchasing to determine whether they contain any such colorings.

Soy Sauce

A dark sauce like soy sauce may stain clear braces fairly easily. Balsamic vinegar may have the same effect.


Try not to consume foods with a lot of curry while wearing clear braces. Curry has a strong color that may result in staining.

Ask Your Orthodontist About Keeping Clear Braces Stain-Free

The foods and beverages here may not be the only ones that could potentially stain clear braces. Ask your orthodontist for more tips about keeping clear braces free of stains during treatment. By following their advice, you’ll ensure clear braces have a minimal effect on your appearance.

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