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How Much Do Braces Cost in Newington, CT?

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Are you or your child in need of braces? One of the most popular types of orthodontic care, braces are quite common. In fact, statistics show that nearly 75% of kids/teens could benefit from having their teeth straightened. 

As braces are recommended for an increasing number of people, many patients and parents are wondering just how much braces are going to cost. Here you’ll learn what to expect for the cost of braces in Newington, CT and the surrounding area. 

The Average Cost of Braces

You can expect to pay somewhere between $3,000 and $7,000 for braces in most cases. This is a very wide range. Where your individual price will fall within that range depends on various factors. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Braces and Orthodontic Treatment 

Braces are sometimes just one part of ongoing orthodontic treatment that starts in childhood and may continue into adolescence. The cost of orthodontic treatment varies based on:

  • The type of braces you get. There are a variety of teeth straightening treatments available, such as traditional metal braces, H4 self-ligating braces, clear ceramic braces, Invisalign, and lingual braces. Not all will cost the same amount. Traditional metal braces are usually the least expensive option, while less visible options tend to cost more. 
  • The extent of your orthodontic needs. Not every patient has the same extent of orthodontic corrections that need to be made. The more your teeth need to be moved in order to achieve proper alignment, the more expensive your treatment may be. 
  • The length of your treatment. When your teeth need more extensive corrections, your treatment time may be longer than average. Your treatment may cost more because it will take a longer time commitment on your orthodontist’s part as well as your own. More appointments and more adjustments will need to be made, which raises the total cost of treatment. 
  • The orthodontist you choose. Not all orthodontists charge the same rates for braces and other orthodontic treatment. Some may set higher prices because they have a greater level of expertise and many years of experience. An orthodontist with more experience may be worth the higher price if they are able to correct your teeth more effectively and in a shorter amount of time. 
  • The area where you live. Cost of living in your area will affect the price orthodontists in the area charge. Many orthodontists will set comparable prices in order to stay competitive in the community. You’ll tend to find higher prices in larger cities than in smaller towns. 
  • Insurance/Financing. Your dental insurance may cover part of the cost of braces for you or your child. If you don’t have insurance coverage, financing can help make the cost more affordable by allowing you to pay in monthly installments. 

A Cost Comparison Between the Different Types of Braces

There are a variety of teeth alignment systems available to patients these days and the cost varies. Here are some of the common types:

  • Metal Braces ($4,300-$5,800). Traditional metal braces consist of brackets that adhere to the front teeth and bands that go around the molars. These have been around for many years, but have been improved upon with advancements in technology. 
  • Clear Braces ($5,000-$8,000). Clear braces consist of ceramic brackets that attach to the teeth the same way as metal braces, but are less noticeable. They tend to cost a bit more because the material they are made of is more costly. 
  • Invisalign ($3,000-$7,000). Invisalign is an alternative to braces consisting of clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth and are virtually invisible. They can cost as much as metal braces or sometimes more, depending on the factors above. 
  • H4 Self-Ligating Braces ($3,500-$8,500). H4 braces are one type of self-ligating braces. With these braces the archwire attaches to the brackets without any wires or rubber bands to hold it in place. The brackets themselves clamp down on the archwire for a strong hold that is often more comfortable. They may be slightly more expensive than traditional braces, but most likely comparable. 
  • Lingual Braces ($5,000-$13,000). Lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth instead of the front so that they are not visible. They are usually more expensive than traditional braces and may not be effective in treating every patient’s unique needs. 

Are Braces Worth the Cost?

Always. Having properly aligned teeth and a healthy bite pattern will promote a lifetime of healthy teeth, improve your appearance, and help you avoid additional health problems. Crowded or overlapping teeth are harder to keep clean and may result in cavities and other dental problems. A misaligned bite pattern can cause jaw damage and headaches. The benefits of braces definitely outweigh the cost. 

Braces Are Affordable at Greater Hartford Orthodontics

If you’re concerned about the cost of braces, don’t let that prevent you or your child from getting the treatment you need. At Greater Hartford Orthodontics we work with your insurance provider and offer financing options to help make the cost of braces more affordable. 

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