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Clear Braces vs Metal Braces: Which is Better for You?

Team Orthodontics

If you’re feeling stuck deciding between clear braces and metal braces, you’re not alone. Many of our patients aren’t sure which option is best for them and conflicting information on the internet or from friends and family members doesn’t help either! Below, we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages …

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How Do You Clean a Retainer?

Team Orthodontics, Retainer

When your teeth finally align properly and your braces are removed, your orthodontist will transition you into using a retainer. This is designed to help you maintain your new, beautiful smile. After all, it was your braces that have straightened your teeth, but it is this retainer that will help …

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What Is the Best Age to Get Braces?

Bon Orthodontics

Everyone has a general idea of what age is best to get braces. Some say teens or pre-teens while others believe it is best to start in early adolescence. This is likely because it is so common to see young ones wearing the shiny brackets on their teeth. Though, while …

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How Much Does Invisalign® Cost in Newington, CT?

Team Invisalign, Orthodontics

Invisalign® is the perfect option for patients who want straighter smiles, but don’t want to spend a year or two with metal braces. Instead of using brackets and wires to correct misalignments, Invisalign® uses a series of plastic aligners that place gentle pressure on your teeth to shift them into …

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How Much Do Lingual Braces Cost in CT?

Team Lingual Braces, Orthodontics

Many of our adult patients want a discreet orthodontic treatment option so they can improve their smiles without relying on traditional metal braces. If this describes you, you’re probably already familiar with Invisalign and clear braces, but have you heard of lingual braces? They’re an excellent option for many of …

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How Much Do Braces Cost in Newington, CT?

Team Braces, Orthodontics

Are you or your child in need of braces? One of the most popular types of orthodontic care, braces are quite common. In fact, statistics show that nearly 75% of kids/teens could benefit from having their teeth straightened.  As braces are recommended for an increasing number of people, many patients …

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How Much Does Invisalign® Cost in CT?

Team Invisalign

Invisalign® is quickly becoming as common as braces for orthodontic treatment. For many people, Invisalign® is just as effective as traditional braces for correcting common orthodontic issues from misaligned teeth to overbite.  Many patients choose Invisalign® because the clear aligners are less obvious than metal or even clear braces. They …

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How Long Does Invisalign® Take?

Scott Invisalign

Most people are familiar with Invisalign® these days—they see the ads, they have friends who have straightened their teeth with the system, and they understand exactly what it is and how it works. There are, however, some questions that people still have about Invisalign® before the start treatment. One of …

Young girl with long wavy blonde hair, glasses, & braces smiling while in a dentist chair as a hygienist stands behind her.

What is the Typical Cost of Getting Braces?

Scott Braces

It is difficult to determine what the typical cost of getting braces is. Estimates suggest that the cost of getting braces ranges from $3,000-$10,000. However, it is unclear which expenses this accounts for. Treatment with braces is highly personalized. Even treatment for two different patients from the same orthodontist could …

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Can You Get Braces Just on Your Bottom Teeth?

Scott Braces

When it comes to orthodontics, every patient has different needs. Not all treatments are appropriate for everyone. Orthodontic services are customized based on the specific way each patient’s teeth need to be moved in order to be in proper alignment. That means that some patients may only require braces on …